Baby Birth School Aims at educating every women to enjoy and make the best use of Pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an Illness but it is the process of bringing a new individual into the World. Many misunderstands that Pregnancy class are full of exercise, its just a wrong assumption and our class is just 5% of exercise. It is also crucial to understand that the child starts to prepare in the womb to face the world we live in. The world today is a race to achieve. Working smart is the only way to stand ahead among the racing world. Each and every moment and small details of pregnancy moulds the characteristics of a Child. It is necessary to be aware of the techniques to mould a child in the womb  Itself. All classes are online and fully customisable with privacy at your convinence. Packages are attractive and customisable too.  

Am a Software Engineer by Education, Strategic Consultant by Profession, Internationally Certified Pregnancy Coach and Lactation Educator by Profession and above all a Proud Mother of my Little Princess. Healthcare was always my passion right from young age but somehow i landed up Post Graduating in Software Engineering. My own Pregnancy motivated me to spread the word to every women to handle the Pregnancy like the most easiest thing a female can do where most women consider it as illness or worrisome and at the same time painful to deliver the baby. From my own experience i understood if you educate yourself about Pregnancy and least details of it, then every Mom will realise that is the best thing a female can experience in her whole life. Yes Motherhood is A Magical Roller Coaster – filled with lots of pain,gain and responsibilities. At the same time it is very easy to handle like a Pro if you know every details on how to tackle the challenges faced during and Post Pregnancy.